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To enter at Year 7, your son must be 11 years old by 1 September of the year of entry.

The entrance test consists of three papers:


The test follows National Curriculum guidelines and consists of two parts:

  • Comprehension (approximately 50 minutes).   
  • Writing – A choice of subjects to allow free English expression (40 minutes).


The exam lasts 60 minutes and consists of two parts:

Short questions requiring only mental working to test a basic understanding of topics in the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2.

Longer questions which will test a more general understanding of mathematical problems.  In this section, method is essential. The exam will be on based on topics in the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2.

Please Note: We do not supply past or practice papers but relevant revision material can be readily found online and in print.

 Non-Verbal Reasoning

The boys sit a non-verbal reasoning paper that lasts 35 minutes.  A clear explanation of how to approach the test is given prior to the actual paper – including a practice test that the boys, themselves, mark.

Year 7 Entrance Procedure