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The Singers and Choirs faculty consists of 3 specialist Individual Music Teachers, each having a wealth of performance experience and who are still performing themselves. We offer lessons in all styles of singing and all pupils have the opportunity to take examinations, if they so choose.

We actively encourage membership of a choir for all LSF pupils, whether they are having singing lessons or not; we currently run ten separate choirs, offering something for everyone! We have four liturgical choirs who sing in several evensongs a year, as well as forming the basis of our Spring concert choir of 300+. 

We have open access choirs for all pupils across the Foundation, from Year 3 and above, all of which have a performance opportunity each term. Our Monday night Community Choir, Loughborough Singers, has 60 members and perform in at least three concerts a year. The many educational and health benefits of singing, both in choirs and solo, have been well documented and we welcome anyone who wants to see if this is true for themselves.