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The year commences with a strong academic focus.  Throughout the Autumn Term language, mathematical and reasoning skills are revised, strengthened and extended so that the Entrance Exam in January can be approached confidently.

In humanity subjects, group tasks as well as individual projects are undertaken with research skills being developed. The children discover how the Maya Civilisation lived and how chocolate and chilli have very strong connections. They look at the impact that World War I and World War II had on those involved and travel from 1950 to the present day, gaining an understanding of how life has changed during this period. The children discover the different biomes that exist alongside looking at ways they can protect the earth. They look at the origin of Fairtrade and study many different cultures and beliefs.

During the Spring Term the children have the opportunity to take part in the Leicestershire Bikeability Scheme, teaching them how to ride safely on the roads. The Year 6 Residential Trip is a marvellous opportunity for the children to challenge themselves in outdoor adventurous activities; they learn a lot about each other and working in a team.

Year 6 culminates with the arts. The normal timetable is abandoned in favour of creative tasks: Firstly, Art and Design Technology Week encourages the pupils to experiment with new materials and learn new skills. Fairfield has many permanent reminders of the superb work produced by previous pupils including sculptures, mosaics, wall hangings and paintings.  Secondly, every child becomes fully involved in drama.  They are given the opportunity to sing and dance which leads to an enthusiastic and vibrant performance at the end of the term given in front of parents, children and staff, enabling the children’s talents to be recognised. Memories of these weeks stay with the children for many years.