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A school works best when it works for everyone. The pupils most obviously, but we want to succeed for parents, for the community and for ourselves too.

For parents to see their child happy, confident, polite, making friends, trying new things, learning to love learning in order to achieve academically.

For the School to be seen not just simply as educational resource, but as a positive part of the community, contributing to its richness, culture and heritage.

For all our staff to enjoy the professional rewards and a sense of pride in seeing young people develop, thrive and greatly enjoy their time with us.

Meeting these aims, we believe, gives us the best opportunity to deliver a high quality, stimulating and varied education which will enable each child to gain offers to their first-choice school at 11+.

To that end we aim to offer:

  • A rounded education, embracing academic, sporting and musical opportunities and a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • Effective, sensitive and well co-ordinated Pastoral Care, so that every member of our community feels cared for and cared about
  • Academic achievement focussed on the individual and founded on encouraging an enquiring mind
  • The provision of our excellent holistic foundation, including moral growth, from which every pupil can progress
  • A spirit of politeness and courtesy which shows itself in good manners, selflessness and respect for others

"From their very first day we aim to develop every pupil's confidence, courtesy and self-worth so that they grow stronger as individuals and as members of our caring community."

Andrew Earnshaw