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A wide and varied curriculum is taught and this is enhanced by numerous out of school visits throughout the year.  Within the History curriculum, we travel back to Egyptian and Roman times, exploring their lifestyles, buildings, clothes, food and within our trips we even learn how to prepare a mummy and how to be a Roman Soldier!

We commemorate Remembrance Day each year by sharing war time songs and stories with our grandparents and we take a trip to the Carillon Tower to view the poppies and wreaths. Each year we also have a very exciting one night residential to Beaumanor Hall when the children thoroughly enjoy a taste of outdoor learning.

Fairfield children in the assembly hall

Whilst the majority of the curriculum is taught by the class teacher and based within the classroom, the children in Year 3 are taught by specialist teachers for Physical Education, Science, Music, I.T. and M.F.L.  We also have a weekly lesson in the library led by our Librarian and the Headmaster teaches each of the three classes, one period of handwriting every week with a view to each child gaining a prestigious pen licence.

Our expectations of behaviour and effort are high but also realistic.  Above all, our overriding concerns are for your child’s happiness and ensuring they achieve their full potential.

Fairfield children reading books
Upper-Prep pupil using iPad