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We treat all of our children as individuals and strive to meet their needs accordingly. The child’s form tutor, supported by the Heads of Year, is central to this care. The Pre-Prep and Upper Prep coordinators, along with the Deputy Head Pastoral, coordinate this care and work alongside the School Counsellor and School Nurses where appropriate.,q_auto/v1610365391/lsf_fairfield/govenors_header_z94gkq/govenors_header_z94gkq.jpg,q_auto/v1610365393/lsf_fairfield/pre-prep_lr6gmv/pre-prep_lr6gmv.jpg

"Across the School, clear pastoral structures and policies, understood by all members of staff, ensure that the needs of all pupils are effectively met. The School entirely fulfils its aim to provide effective, sensitive and well co-ordinated pastoral care."

Independent Schools Inspectorate 2016,q_auto/v1610553831/lsf_fairfield/AL1I3454-scaled_b0im7b/AL1I3454-scaled_b0im7b.jpg,q_auto/v1610364047/lsf_fairfield/AL1I35042-scaled_gqwyl1/AL1I35042-scaled_gqwyl1.jpg