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Opportunities for joining extra-curricular activities, especially in sporting and musical areas, along with the necessary organisational skills, take a higher profile for our busy pupils. Teaching and learning within the year group aims to adopt a love of learning by employing a mixture of traditional and modern methods, in addition to developing a myriad of new skills that prepare the pupils for the challenges of Year 6, our upper schools and beyond.

English is taught by the class teacher, incorporating opportunities for cross-curricular learning while also focusing on word, sentence and text level objectives and covering a wide range of genres. Mathematics is taught in four ability sets where the Programme of Study is based on the National Numeracy Strategy.

Wherever possible History, Geography, Art, DT and RE curricular are given depth and context by them being taught according to our three termly themes:

  1. Why is America so powerful? We look at the geographical features of the continent as well as the Native Americans, the impact of European settlers and the USA’s part in the Space Race. The term is rounded off with our multi-faceted Thanksgiving celebrations that include dance, art and baking.
  2. Would you prefer to live in Ancient or Modern Greece? We look at Ancient Greece’s legacy and the geography of Greece. We also look at Modern Greece and how it compares to life in Loughborough.
  3. What was the impact of the Norman Conquest of Britain? Again we look at the legacy of this key period in our history.
Fairfield children using the wheel of fortune
Fairfield children receiving their book of achievements certificates

ICT opportunities are embraced in Year 5, where children’s skills are transferred to other areas of the curriculum. This learning is further enhanced through planned activities using iPads and interactive teaching programmes. Creative work in English, Art and Drama are enjoyed throughout the year, with a focused emphasis during our annual production, which is performed to parents in the Summer Term.

Trips and visits are organised to broaden the pupils’ understanding of what is taught in the classroom. These include a thrilling residential trip to Wales, where children have the opportunity to further develop their social skills and encounter new experiences such as coasteering, kayaking and mountaineering.

Year 5 is both an exciting and a challenging time, where we aim to bring out the very best in every child both inside and outside the classroom.

Fairfield children having fun on a School trip
Fairfield children on a school trip