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Congratulations to Mrs James on completing her two marathons last weekend. The first on Saturday involved running 28 laps of the playing fields at Quorn. She was well supported by Mr Byrne and Mr Murphy who completed a half marathon. Not satisfied with that, Mrs James then awoke at 06:30 on Sunday morning to run another marathon up and down Burton walks (60 laps). She completed both with ease and says she actually enjoyed them!

Meanwhile, the intrepid trio of cyclists, Mr Lewis, Mr Miles, and Mr Kulk started the 24 hour cycle challenge at 08:00 on Saturday morning. Cycling in two hour blocks with four hours rest, they managed to complete the challenge, finishing at 08:00 on Sunday morning. To spice it up a little a variety of cycling locations were used: garage, front garden, spare bedroom, lounge, bathroom, back garden. Though none of them can say it was 8 hours of pure enjoyment …it did have its (brief)moments!

Mr Miles would like to extend his thanks and congratulations to the whole team.
Thanks to the kind and generous support from the LSF community, a massive £9,287 was raised and will be split between two charities, the Leicestershire NHS Hospitals, and Clic Sargent (a Chidren’s Cancer Charity).

  • Emyr Lewis Cycling Challenge

    Emyr Lewis Cycling Challenge

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Emyr Lewis Cycling Challenge Dave Miles Cycling Challenge Dan Kulk
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