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"....pupils in politics lessons were highly engaged, spontaneously contributing higher-order questioning, and offering logical and challenging arguments that enhanced the learning experience of all."

ISI Inspection Report, December 2021

Hear from Mike Dawkins

A Level

Politics is the study of the state, government nation. It deals extensively with the practice and theory of political systems and political behaviour. Academically codified in the C19th, the study of politics originated 2,500 years ago with Plato and Aristotle, thus making Politics one of the oldest subjects ever studied.

The Exam Board is Edexcel 9PLO (USA Route) and there are three, two hour exams (one for each unit).

Why study A Level Politics at the Grammar School?

Few subjects are more central to your everyday life than ‘government and politics’. Politics dominates domestic and foreign news. Political decisions determine how you are educated, housed, cared for in hospital, kept secure from crime and, regardless of your hopes and aspirations for the future, it will shape the society you inherit as adults. This is a discursive subject that requires you to develop an interest in current affairs.

In Politics you’ll study the real world and develop skills to make sense of that world in a mature co-educational environment that will support your preparation for undergraduate study and beyond.

Politics is utterly compatible with whatever other subjects you opt to study, however History, Economics, English, Classics, Religion & Philosophy, MFL, Geography are common combinations.

Politics will also prepare you for many forms of employment, given you will gain analytical and practical skills that are invaluable in a contemporary competitive employment market.

Occupations that view Politics students as being a real asset include: researchers, broadcasters, journalists, local government officers, civil servants, pollsters, lobbyists, teachers, lawyers, financiers & bankers, the health service, public relations, the police and military, management training, advertising and a wide range of business opportunities

Subject Enrichment

As pupils of Politics you will automatically become members of the Politics Society which meets fortnightly. Additionally, there are various trips to the cinema to see subject related films, numerous visiting speakers (MPs, a US Congressman, academics etc.) and we run a Model UN. The Department organises a trip to the Politics pupils’ national conference in Year 13, an annual tour of the Houses of Parliament and Supreme Court in Year 12, as well as a bi-annual trip to Washington, Philadelphia and New York.