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As core curriculum subjects, all boys study English Language and English Literature from Years 7 – 11. They follow a course to GCSE in both subjects.


English Language consists of two external examinations worth 50% each of the total GCSE marks. These examinations will assess skills in Creative Reading and Writing and in Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives. There will also be a separately awarded Spoken Language presentation.

English Literature consists of two external examinations worth 40% and 60% of the GCSE marks. The examinations will include the study of a Shakespeare play, a 19th century novel, a modern text and a group of poems.

A Level

English at A Level is a Literature course. It includes the compulsory study of Shakespeare and pre- twentieth century writing in addition to modern works.

English is a hospitable subject. It welcomes those who are looking for a manageable third option as well as those who wish to follow the subject through to Degree Level. In recent years a number of pupils have gone to a variety of Universities, including Oxbridge, to continue their English studies. We include Old Loughburian Journalists and Broadcasters among our recent graduates from English courses in Higher Education. In career terms, therefore, anyone interested in Journalism, or related Media occupations, should look seriously at this course but English is an excellent general Degree as a preparation for any career. Future Lawyers will find advanced English studies especially beneficial. Legal judgement is based on linguistic meaning and intent.

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