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Loughborough Grammar School is the place to be for innovation and inspiration in STEM. Under the guidance of a STEM committee, with representatives from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Art, Computer Science and Design Technology (DT), opportunities abound to explore new ideas, create exciting projects and build 3D programs or worlds.

It is a commitment supported by a vast number of clubs, competitions, our STEM Sunday initiative and, of course, the very latest in software, robots and engineering. These include Lego Mindstorms, BBC Microbits, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, advanced VR, AR, combined UNITY software and 3D printing.

As students complete projects for different schemes they have the  opportunity to enter their project or research papers for Bronze, Silver or Gold CREST awards.


Big Bang Competition 

TeenTech Competition 

STEM Leaders Award 

3M Competition 

BAFTA Game Competition


Code Club – learn to code using different computer programming languages

STEM Club – explore a STEM project

Lego Club – learn how to use Lego Mindstorms software

VR Club – Immerse yourself and Enjoy a VR Experience using the HTC Vive VR Set

Retro Game Club – step back in to time and play the some of the earliest games before building your own game using Game Maker Pro

Students can also enter for a STEMM Award as an additional extra if they are regular attendees of STEM clubs (e.g. dissection club; beast club; code club; DT club etc.)