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Enterprise excellence showcased by Loughborough Grammar entrepreneurs!

Enterprise excellence showcased by Loughborough Grammar entrepreneurs! featured image

With the support of the Loughborough School Foundation’s Enterprise Programme, a pair of visionary students have launched their very own business venture, turning their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Shyam and Elliott from Loughborough Grammar School have been honing their business skills whilst following their passion for computers thanks to the Enterprise Programme; which is a demonstration of the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to inspiring future business leaders.

Combining innovation and creativity alongside plenty of determination, the boys have turned their entrepreneurial idea into a real-world business. They learnt all about assembling, customising and the building of products, as well as marketing high-quality gaming PCs.

The Enterprise Programme is a powerful blend of education and real-world experience. Students do not just learn the theory of business; but also undertake real-life business operations, from developing business plans to executing marketing strategies, from understanding finance to delivering customer satisfaction.

With the support and mentoring of a generous Alumni donor, the LGS boys successfully marketed their product and sold it to their very first customer, Loughborough Grammar’s Classics Department!

Shyam and Elliott said of their budding business: We have enjoyed the experience; from meeting the donor and hearing his story, to the research and delivering on what we wanted to achieve. This has definitely inspired us to do more in the future and it has provided a solid building block. The possibilities are endless. This has been a good taster of the entrepreneurial experience and a good learning opportunity. If anything, it has encouraged to us to pursue it further and get better at what we want to do.”

The PC purchase was kindly funded by the Loughborough Grammar Parents’ Association and the Classics Department will enjoy using it to bring the worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome to life through first-person role player games and VR platforms. Pupils will be able to race Roman chariots on a virtual race-track and to use Minecraft to build and explore their own virtual Ancient Greece.

Mr Harper, Teacher of Classics, says “Many of our pupils love to explore digital worlds and to use computers to build models themselves. The Gaming PC allows pupils to show understanding of the Ancient World in a way that is vibrant and relevant to the 21st Century.”