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After a week in Chennai, Puducherry and Mamallapuram the tour now moves onto Delhi today. From a cricket perspective it has been tough going in the hot and humid conditions. The side had two closely fought games during the first two days but unfortunately were easily beaten on the third day. Getting enough runs on the board has been the problem. The bowling has shaped up well with Chris bagging five wickets on day one. The boys are looking forward to the challenge that Delhi will bring. In between the cricket the boys have enjoyed all that this diverse country has to offer. Visiting temples, cathedrals, local markets has opened everyone’s eyes! Spending a morning in Sadhana Forest working with volunteers from all over the world looking at conservation and helping the environment was a highlight. Boys helped prepare and cook a vegan meal (Lewis is the James Martin of the tour!), collected and cut firewood, recycled rubbish found in the forest and designed irrigation aides with plastic bottles. The boys enjoyed the vegan meal and found the experience very humbling. They have enjoyed a guided tour around the French quarter of Puducherry, been blessed by an elephant and been treated to an Indian flash mob dance in recognition of Harry’s birthday. Harry, James, Lewis, Jack and Mr Gidley were dressed in traditional Indian attire and performed (we use that word lightly!) to the tour party. Not quite ready for BGT yet! The last couple of days have been spent relaxing a little more at the Chariot Beach Resort. Making use of the huge pool has, we hope, revitalised the bodies and minds for the next part of the tour.

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