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Black Mystery

Black Mystery featured image

Ali, Senior Deputy Head Boy at Loughborough Grammar School, wrote Black Mystery which he read out in assembly during Black History Month. Ali knew that when the time came for him to speak in front of the whole school, he wanted it to be something everybody would remember. To make it even more memorable, Ali teamed up with the Marketing department to create this short film.


Ali explained to us that initially, poetry wasn’t something he was interested in; ‘As Year 13 Senior Deputy Head Boy, poetry was never something I really enjoyed. I study Chemistry, Psychology and Maths A levels, so how did writing poetry come to mind? I was inspired by Dr Barnett, our previous Headmaster, and how he began his first assembly with his own poem and finishing the year with another. What stood out to me was how, in just a few words, he managed to captivate my attention. This is what initially gave me the idea to write my own poem.

On top of that, Leon Ellis, last year’s Head Boy mentioned a very inspiring quote during his very own Black History Month assembly: “You’re going to relegate my history to a month” – Morgan Freeman. This is what sparked the theme for the poem as it was impactful and resonated with the students. Many conversations had emerged amongst us boys after Leon’s amazing assembly’.