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Fairfield is a multi-faith School, this is reflected In the RE curriculum and in the ethos of the whole School. The curriculum is based on the QCA  RE document, together with this scheme and the contribution from staff and children and their families we are able to cover a variety of faiths through many different activities. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism are the main faiths which are studied.

Our daily worship is in a Christian format and we encourage and promote respect for all religions practised within the School.

In our lessons we employ tools such as Drama, Art, Music, personal writing, storytelling, ICT and meditation in order to explore the truths that these religions express.

As well as being studied in the classroom these faiths and are also re-visited in many other ways throughout life at Fairfield. We celebrate special religious occasions through assemblies and collective worship where we endeavour to encourage children and parents to share their faiths.

We also invite speakers from different parts of the community to take part in our assemblies and pupils are also able to take part in visits to local places of worship.

Through all our activities we try to teach tolerance and respect for others, a sense of awe and wonder in creation and we also hope to assist our pupils in their own personal growth and development. We hope that religious education at Fairfield provides an opportunity to learn from all religions in an environment rich in respect and understanding.