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Radio Fairfield is a truly exciting new addition to School life, with a weekly show broadcast to all the pupils and staff. The show can be accessed at anytime through Firefly, enabling teachers to share it with their class at a time suitable for them. We feature announcements for the week ahead, interviews and advertisements for our many various clubs plus ‘music’ produced by pupils and staff!

We are currently setting up a team of children, with representatives from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, who will meet weekly in the library to plan for the following weeks show. They will then be tasked with recruiting presenters, writing scripts, gathering club information and features from their year group, with some pupils additionally involved with the technical side of recording and editing.

Radio Fairfield featured image
Radio Fairfield featured image

Our current radio room is situated in the White House and is equipped with computers, microphones and recording equipment, plus a large mirror to enable the children to watch themselves as they broadcast!

"We seek out innovative ways to prepare children for the future"