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Mathematics is a core subject and at Fairfield we aim to encourage both enjoyment and understanding of maths. Our priorities in the early years are to instil a sense of number, foster mental agility and encourage an approach of ‘using and applying’ in mathematics. To achieve this, we ensure that children respond enthusiastically to maths and have the understanding and confidence to enjoy, explore and solve a wide variety of problems and to communicate their thinking.

The schemes of work are based on the National Curriculum. Maths is set by ability from Year 4 and taught in four groups.

Pre-Prep children doing Maths

We motivate children to make progress in maths by ensuring that teaching and learning is undertaken in an environment which is stimulating and encompasses all learning styles as many mathematical concepts and skills can be enhanced by incorporating practical activities, technology and through games. At Fairfield we encourage the use of iPad apps and websites to motivate and enhance learning.

"You never feel your child has to reach somebody else's level"