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"History is not the story of strangers, aliens from another realm; it is the story of us had we been born a little earlier"

Stephen Fry

History is about people and events; it allows us to examine the ways people behave, the ways in which they live and the experiences which happened to them and why the world is as it is today.

At Fairfield our teaching objectives are

  • To lay the foundations of historical enquiry and understanding.
  • To build the foundations of historical knowledge laid in the earlier years
  • To enrich other areas of the curriculum 
  • To arouse interest in the past.

History continues to thrive at Fairfield and the children enjoy an extensive range of topics and develop their investigative skills throughout their time here. Their enthusiasm for the subject is enhanced by outside theatre companies coming into school to perform for them, performing plays about Florence Nightingale and the great fire of London among others.

Fairfield children learning about history

There are also many trips organised to a variety of Historic sites such as New walk Museum, Beaumanor Hall and The Bell Foundry in Loughborough to name but a few. We also organise History theme days which might involve the children dressing up to celebrate a significant date in History or they work in teams to build Viking Long boats, Anderson shelters and Egyptian Pyramids.