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We are keen to help as wide a circle of children as possible enjoy a Loughborough Schools Foundation education and our extensive bus services are key to that.

Our independent network of buses, some organised by parent volunteers, serve a wide range of routes extending across Leicestershire, South Nottinghamshire and South East Derbyshire.

Simply click to view our interactive route map, where you can see what services may be available in your location. Within the map you will also find details of the Bus Organiser and the Bus Company for each route. If you have any questions regarding a particular route, they will be happy to help with route enquiries, availability and fares.

image of the bus routes to Loughborough Schools Foundation

Click to find your nearest bus route

Transport Buses

Buses arrive and depart from our main car park

Pupils are issued with a buss pass every term. Each bus arrives into and departs from the main car park at the front of the campus on the A6 Leicester Road. It is a bustling and always lively beginning and end to the day, which offers an opportunity for pupils from each of our four friendly Schools to mingle and meet.

For all enquiries for bus routes A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, L and M please email

For all enquiries for bus routes F, I, K, N, O, P and Q please email