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Staff in the Loughborough Schools Sport department hold a wealth of experience, at an elite level, across many sporting disciplines. We are thrilled that we have also formed a strong link with Loughborough University to support our students at all levels of their performance and it is exciting that our students can benefit from their expertise and high standards of coaching and mentoring.

Our key driver is to ensure that there is a wide variety of opportunities so all students can find the activity that suits them, and to continue with this when they leave School.

Heads of PE

Nic Attwood

Miss Nic Attwood

Head of High School PE

Rachel Lewis

Mrs Rachel Lewis

Head of Grammar School PE

Emma Hopper

Mrs Emma Hopper

Head of Amherst School PE

Adam Hoult

Mr Adam Hoult

Head of Fairfield PE

Heads of Sport

Emyr Lewis

Mr Emyr Lewis

Head of Rugby

Hannah Grieve

Miss Hannah Grieve

Head of Hockey

Ella Clarke

Miss Ella Clarke

Head of Netball

Martyn Gidley

Mr Martyn Gidley

Head of Cricket

Alice Quemby

Miss Alice Quemby

Head of Cricket

Dan Kulk

Mr Daniel Kulk

Head of Football

Chris Perham

Mr Chris Perham

Head of Swimming and Triathlon

Sam Davey

Mrs Sam Davey

Head of Dance and Gymnastics

The Heads of Sport will be supported in their roles by the following Foundation PE teachers.


Alex Aldred

Mr Alex Aldred

PE Teacher

Ruby Barham

Miss Ruby Barham

PE Teacher

Emma Calvert

Miss Emma Calvert

PE Teacher

Lucy Millington

Miss Lucy Millington

PE Teacher

Phil Rhodes

Dr Phil Rhodes

PE Teacher

Josh Toms

Mr Josh Toms

PE Teacher

Sports Coaches

In addition to our excellent teaching staff, we have superb support from coaching staff who will assist our Heads of Sport and PE teachers in delivering first class coaching and mentoring to all of our students.

Nat Panagarry

Miss Nat Panagarry

Sports Coach

Katie Trevarthen

Miss Katie Trevarthen

Sports Coach

Harry Gurney

Mr Harry Gurney

Sports Coach