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With alumni around the world, the Loughburians association enables connections and allows access to experts in a range of industry sectors.

Our alumni make huge contributions, and are leaders, in their respective fields, both in the UK and internationally. They have achieved success in many ways and their inspiring stories could help you with decision making, networking and career progression.

Below you can read about the experiences of our alumni in education and the world of work and training, discover how school helped shape their future and explore the advice they’ve provided to those following in their footsteps.

A great place to start is on The Loughburians LinkedIn page, to which you can connect via the button below.

Many of our alumni are happy to provide career information directly and in some cases mentoring opportunities. If you would like to find out more about a role within a particular industry sector please email

Are you interested in providing a profile? Contributing an alumni profile is a fantastic way to support fellow Loughburians and help inspire the next generation of Loughborough Schools Foundation pupils. Your profile could encourage a prospective student, or inspire a current pupil, to make a decision about their studies and career choice, and make a real difference to their future.

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Ethan Youel

Ethan Youel (LGS 2014)

Head Bartender

Hannah Doyle

Hannah Doyle (LHS 2002)

Celebrity Journalist and Author

Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn (LGS 2004)

Founder and Director

Jordan Thelan

Jordan Thelen (LGS 2010)


Laura Bessell

Laura Bessell (LHS 1995)

Group Chief Operating Officer

Polly Burdell

Polly Burdell (LHS 2009)


Scott Boardman

Scott Boardman (LGS 2014)

Aircraft Broker

Shivam Thakkar

Shivam Thakkar (LGS 2009)

Corporate Development & Transaction Services Finance Specialist

Sophie Hainsworth

Sophie Hainsworth (LHS 2008)

CEO & Co-Founder

Tim Prescott

Tim Prescott (LGS 2011)

Doctor/ General Duties Medical Officer

Tom Fanthorpe

Tom Fanthorpe (LGS 1999)

Computational Fluid Dynamics Team Leader (Aerodynamics)

Tom Owen KC (LGS 2007)


William Bourne

William Bourne (LGS 2011)

Leverage Finance Analyst

Hannah Pountain (Sarrafan, LHS 2005)

Director of Merchandising

Adam Byer (LGS 1991)

Owner & Founder of Byer Koi Farm

Jeremy Walsh (LGS 1972)

Serial Innovator

Nathan Smith (LGS 1995)

Senior Vice President of Strategy

Stephen Bott (LGS 2005)

Human Resources and Facilities Manager

Deniz Gunby (LGS 1999)

Managing Director

Roger Kerridge (LGS 1976)

Risk Manager and Credit Underwriter

Todd Clapham (LGS 2017)

Full Stack Software Engineer

Alex Richards (OLCS 1997)

Head of Safeguarding at English Football League

Amy Holt (LHS 2000)

Music Producer and Law Partner