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The 1495 Society has been created to show our appreciation and recognition of the transformative effect that supporters can have on each of the Schools.

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The Society, launched in 2023, is an incredibly special community of loyal and dedicated supporters who give over £1,495 every year to various causes and initiatives across the Schools. Their philanthropy ensures that the students of today and the pupils of the future are given the brightest of opportunities and the most fulfilling educational experiences.

What’s in a name? The meaning behind 1495

The community of donors who are part of the 1495 Society embody the spirit of giving established by Thomas Burton and Ralph Lemyngton over 527 years ago.

Thomas Burton, a wealthy wool merchant, created endowments in his Will in 1494 to provide income for masses to be said for his soul by a chantry priest in All Saints Parish Church in Loughborough. However, it was Ralph Lemyington, Executor of Thomas Burton’s Will, who had the vision to use the funds to establish Loughborough Grammar School in the room over the south porch of the Church in 1495.

The Thomas Burton Charity later founded Loughborough High School in 1850 and Fairfield in 1969. The Schools adopted Lemyngton’s coat of arms from 1553, which is recognised in the 1495 Society lapel pin.

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The impact of giving

All donations have a profound impact at Loughborough Schools Foundation and really make a difference to the students, staff, and facilities on campus.

Impact Report Campaign – November 2022 on Vimeo or read the Impact report.

You can read more of the impact of philanthropy at the Loughborough Schools Foundation.

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Showing our gratitude

We understand that most donors are inspired by the difference they make, but we want to show our gratitude for your support by:

  • Keeping you updated on the impact of your generosity.
  • Recognising you in the 1495 Society Book.
  • Gifting you a 1495 Society lapel pin.
  • Inviting you to the annual 1495 Society dinner.
  • Welcoming you to special events, including student concerts, plays, lectures and social functions, and other events associated with your philanthropy.
  • Giving you special tours of the Schools, in areas of interest, upon request or invitation.
  • Providing you with all Alumni Association and Loughburian benefits, regardless of your affiliation with the Schools.

Becoming a 1495 Society Member

Membership of the Society is recognised in four levels of support:

1495 Society Member£1,495 – £4,999 per annum
1495 Society Fellow£5,000 - £9,999 per annum
1495 Society Patron£10,000 and over per annum
1495 Society Lifetime Patron£50,000 (accumulative or one-off gift, membership for life)
The 1495 Society featured image

"When 10 people kindly give £1,495 a year to bursaries, it will fund one pupil for an entire year"

Sarah Musgrave

Interim Head of Development and Alumni Engagement

Sarah Musgrave, Interim Head of Development and Alumni Engagement, would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a member of the 1495 Society. Every and any donation is greatly appreciated.

You can contact Sarah by emailing or calling 01509 638921.

To become a member, you can donate directly online or by bank transfer.

We want to ensure your philanthropy and donor experience is the best it can be, and the 1495 Society allows us to do just that.