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One of the many joys of being a Loughburian is the access that members have to a range of groups and societies. A great benefit of a Loughborough Schools Foundation education is the emphasis placed on extra-curricular activities. From sports to drama, from model cars to art, a whole host of schools clubs sparked the interests of generations of pupils and the Loughburians are intent on mirroring this across our alumni network.

A number of alumni groups have been created on Loughburians Live, the new site for all alumni engagement. To register on Loughburians Live visit

These groups include the:

Loughburians Golf Society

Full information, current fixtures, match reports and photographs can be viewed on Loughburians Live and accessed by registering at

Loughburians Cricket Club

The oldest of all the sporting clubs, click here to join the Facebook group and find out more about joining the team or their forthcoming fixtures.