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Fairfield Prep is officially a ‘Problem-Solving School’

Fairfield Prep is officially a ‘Problem-Solving School’ featured image

An organisation set up by the University of Cambridge called NRICH, has awarded Fairfield Prep School with an official ‘Problem-Solving School’ accreditation, recognising the amazing work the School’s teachers are doing to nurture future problem-solvers.

Fairfield Prep, part of the Loughborough Schools Foundation, is proud to be one of the first Prep schools to be awarded with this accreditation. It provides recognition of the School’s current practice in supporting the development of confidence and skills in its pupils to tackle new and familiar problems, as well as problem-solving beyond the classroom.

This prestigious accreditation from NRICH is the product of a brand-new initiative ‘Problem Solving Schools’ which has been developed to help schools raise the profile of mathematical problem-solving and engage children aged 3 to 19 in mathematical thinking.

NRICH has gained a global reputation as a leader in the development and delivery of problem-solving mathematics education, and the programme has significant impact amongst millions of young people. Their work focusses particularly on developing resources to help learners progress their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Miss Emily Hartley, Head of Maths at Fairfield Prep School, said: “Being recognised as a ‘Problem-Solving School’ is not just validation of our academic excellence in Mathematics; it is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing a nurturing environment where young minds are cultivated and empowered.”

“We are very proud to be part of this initiative as it reflects the dedication of our teachers, the engagement of our pupils, and the continuous pursuit of high-quality maths experiences for all. We see this accreditation as not merely a recognition, but an ongoing journey of growth and improvement, to ensure that every child receives the best foundation for a lifetime of learning and success in Maths.”

Fairfield Prep is officially a ‘Problem-Solving School’ featured image