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British Nutrition Foundation Award Winner

British Nutrition Foundation Award Winner featured image

At the beginning of last term, Ashni Modi (LHS 2022) received an award at the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Annual Day. The award recognised her outstanding achievement in earning the highest grade in her Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition nationwide.  

I was over the moon to have learned that I attained the highest mark in the UK for my Level 3 Applied Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition. The qualification encompasses a wide variety of skills such as carrying out independent research, learning practical culinary techniques, and applying knowledge of biology and nutrition to support the specific nutritional requirements of individuals. 

Mr Lewis and I were invited to the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) annual conference to receive the Drummond Education Award. The theme of the conference, held at the Royal College of Physicians last November, was ‘Balancing the Scales on Diet Inequality.’ It was a fascinating and informative day tackling issues such as food poverty, childhood obesity, and their impact on society. These talks were delivered by highly respected professionals, from psychologists, doctors, and professors to those working within communities to improve food quality. 

The inevitable highlight of the day was the annual luncheon, which consisted of a vibrant nutritious meal, highlighting the importance of balance, and incorporating all foods of a sustainable diet; from tomatoes and micro-herbs to pavlova. I had the pleasure of being seated next to a nutritionist from McDonalds, with whom I discussed her work (and our shared love of fashion and chocolate)! 

The BNF awarded £200 to the High School, which Mr Lewis and I have decided to invest in providing training and workshops focusing on eating disorders. These will be facilitated by First Steps ED, who will be working with LHS to provide knowledge and support for both staff and pupils. Eating disorders have become alarmingly prevalent within our community, and it is a side of nutrition desperately lacking in awareness. These are extremely serious mental illnesses, with profound physical consequences, which must be treated with urgency. Unfortunately, my own dreams of becoming a pastry chef have been put on hold due to my personal struggles with anorexia. 

I would like to thank Mr Lewis and Mrs Turney for being so engaging and supportive, and I would recommend the diploma to anyone considering a career in food. 

  • Ashni Modi (LHS 2022)