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LHS Staff Panto

LHS Staff Panto featured image

Since the 1940’s the staff at LHS have performed a pantomime on the last day of term before the Christmas break. This is a standout memory for many of our alumnae and we love hearing the stories of who dressed up as the Dame, what panto they performed and who played who.

We cannot confirm, nor deny, whether this tradition still occurs at the School today, but if it does, we’re sure the pupils will have loved it.

"Staff panto was one of those fabulous yet bizarre LHS traditions that everyone always looked forward to, although you were never sure whether it was definitely going to happen as the teachers always denied all knowledge. In the last week of term, rumours and clues would pass through the school as we’d always try and guess what the panto was that year and who was going to be in it, although we knew certain people would be in it as they always were! When it finally came around on the last day of term, it was always a highlight to see often strict teachers step into ridiculous costumes and dance on stage as a treat for the school at the end of term. Mr Tomblin, who always played the pantomime Dame in his neon tutu and blonde wig was always a favourite! "

Ellie Leeson (LHS 2018)

Do you have any standout memories of the panto from your time at LHS? We’d love to hear them, please email us at

LHS Staff Panto featured image