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We would like to thank the whole Loughborough Schools Foundation community for its continued cooperation and support during the ongoing challenges posed by the coronavirus.

Please find below a list of FAQs for parents, which you may find useful. Loughborough Schools Foundation is following the advice provided by Public Health England and these FAQs will be updated daily in line with that advice. Please therefore always refer to these FAQs for the latest information.

Posted: 21 May 2020, 15:30


When are the Schools closing?

Loughborough Schools Foundation have complied with the Government requirement to close all schools and Loughborough Grammar School, Loughborough High School, Loughborough Amherst School, Fairfield Prep School and Loughborough Nursery are therefore currently closed and moved to providing remote teaching and learning for all pupils on Monday 23 March.

Will Fairfield and Amherst Prep be re-opening on 1 June?

The Foundation has been considering how we can implement government guidelines to open Fairfield and Amherst Prep safely for the the prioritised year groups from 1 June.

The guidelines have also stipulated that children in the Fairfield Kindergarten Unit may also be able to return to school along with children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

Additionally, any children in the aforementioned designated year groups who are currently attending the Key Worker Provision (KWP) based at Fairfield would no longer be eligible to attend the KWP sessions, as they would be expected to return to Fairfield or Amherst along with other members of their year group.

Any re-opening is conditional on the ‘R rate’ and number of new infections staying low and we await the government’s instruction that we will definitely be able to open the school on 1 June.

What provision are the Schools making for children of key workers?

The Government has published its list of ‘key workers’, those vital to the response to the Covid19 outbreak. This is a time of extraordinary pressure on our essential public services and Loughborough Schools Foundation are committed to supporting those who work in these services, as they work to support us and our community.

To this end we are providing supervised learning for all pupils currently in our Nursery, Kindergarten, Preparatory Schools or Years 7-8 inclusive in any of our senior schools throughout the term time and half-term break.

Many parents working in key sectors may be able to ensure their child is kept at home. The Government has been clear that where possible children should remain at home, and that only where parents cannot keep their children safely at home should they seek to use this provision. This is to support the aim of school closures, which is to reduce the rate of transmission of the virus.

Recognising this, we are only be able to provide for a limited number of children, as we seek to both manage the risk of transmission and the pressures on staff who will also be focused on remote learning for our pupils at home, and may themselves be required to self-isolate as time goes on.

As such our provision will only be available to the children of those employed in key services, who do not have other provision for their children while schools remain closed; we ask that eligible parents consider carefully what options they may have (for example if you have an older child at home would he or she be capable of providing care to their younger siblings?) and only use the key worker provision where they have no other available child care.

What action is the Foundation taking during closure?

The Foundation is concentrating on providing key
worker provision, designed to provide both supervised study and childcare to the children of designated key workers.

The Foundation's priority is to continue to deliver education and pastoral care to all pupils remotely. This will include timetabled lessons and video content uploaded to the Firefly portal and webinars utilising Zoom and Skype applications.

Management teams across the Foundation are meeting daily to monitor the situation and to ensure coordination of all activities.

The Foundation will continue to provide as much advice and support as we can for our parents and staff.

What plans are you putting in place for continuity of teaching during the school closure?

All Foundation School's have now transitioned to remote learning. With the support of your child’s teachers, lessons are continuing with learning at home.

The curriculum is supported by a wide range of instructional online tools and platforms and these platforms are being used for continuity of teaching. Firefly is the primary portal for setting work. Teaching staff are however using a range of teaching methods in order to provide variety in their lessons and some pupils also have access to video content and webinars.

We recognise that the education that normally occurs in a classroom cannot be replicated at home and so the focus is therefore on ensuring students participate in educationally beneficial activities. Students are continuing with their daily timetable and we recommend that they stick to normal school lesson timings to carry out their remote learning in order to benefit from maintaining a routine.

As part of this programme, students will be required to submit work electronically to their teachers.

Form Tutors and teaching staff will continue to be contactable via email during the campus closure and we recommend that students check their school emails twice a day.

How will my child receive their instrumental music lessons during the School closure?

Instrumental lessons will continue to be timetabled via FullScore throughout the summer term, however they will be delivered remotely until further notice.

These online lessons will be delivered using Firefly. and whilst this will be a different experience, it is our intention that the technical and musical content of lessons will remain true and useful, and support independent learning and progress. As at present, the Individual Music Teacher will teach pupils on an individual basis, but parents are welcome to be in attendance. This would be particularly helpful for younger pupils.

Pupils should continue with their regular practice routines, and they should have plenty of guidance from their IMT as to what they need to work on.

We will continue with scheduling lessons as normal however please continue to notify the Music department with at least two weeks' notice, where possible, of any times and dates where lessons will prove impossible.

What is happening with the public examinations?

On 3 April, Ofqual issued guidance for schools on awarding grades for GCSE and A Level examinations in summer 2020. We have been informed that schools will be asked to provide the exam boards with grades based upon a students likely performance and all three senior schools are currently investigating these instructions.

Students who are dissatisfied with their calculated grades will have the chance to sit their GCSE or A Level exams when the Schools re-open. Please therefore ensure that all subject notes and materials are retained.

Results for A Levels will be awarded on 13 August and GCSEs on 20 August.

Parents and students from Years 11 and 13 at the Grammar School, High School and Amherst School have been issued with details on our approach to providing examination grades.

What happens if my child starts to show symptoms of coronavirus whilst at School?

A Matron and/or qualified first-aid staff, will always be on-site whilst the Schools are open. Any child who falls ill during these sessions will be self-isolated and parents will be called to collect and return home as soon as they are able.

If any pupil develops symptoms of a fever (37.8c) and/or a new continuous cough, we recommend that the advice from the health authorities is followed, in terms of a period of 14 days self-isolation.

Please follow advice for self-isolation on the NHS website. https:/

Coughing may persist for several weeks in some people, despite the Coronavirus infection having cleared.

What should I do if someone in my family is immunocompromised?

If you, or anyone in your family, is immunocompromised or have an underlying medical condition, please seek advice from a medical professional.

For the purposes of our School community, we regard immunocompromised as having a reduced ability to fight off infections, including viruses. This can be due to any number of long-standing medical conditions, but is also a by-product of certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

My son/daughter is anxious about missing school, who can they discuss this with?

Please make contact in the first instance with your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year via email. They will then be in touch with you directly to provide guidance and support to your child.

Have all school trips been cancelled?

Government advice has made it clear that everyone in the UK should avoid non-essential travel. The Foundation is acting upon this advice and all School trips both abroad and in the UK, planned for the summer term, have been cancelled.

The Trip Leaders will be in contact with all affected families to discuss the financial implications of this decision.

We will be monitoring the situation for the trips that are booked for the summer holidays on a regular basis and further notifications will follow as the situation with coronavirus develops.

Have all school events been cancelled?

All evening and weekend activities have been cancelled until all the Schools re-open.

It is hoped that the majority of cancelled events will be rearranged to a suitable date.

Have sports fixtures been cancelled?

In the interests of pupil safety, Loughborough Schools Foundation will not be competing in any sports fixtures for the summer term.

We have travel plans for the half-term break do we need to notify the School of where we are going?

UK Foreign Office has advised against all non-essential foreign travel for an initial period of 30 days. We therefore urge families to consult detailed travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. If you are planning travel to any country on the Government list of prohibited countries, your child will not be able to return to School until after the necessary period of self-isolation. In recent days, many countries have closed their borders to foreigners (including UK nationals) entering their countries and this trend seems likely to continue. We would therefore encourage families to think very carefully before committing to any overseas travel.

Country by country travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office can be found on GOV.UK.

For more information on self-isolation, visit the NHS website. https:/

I have a school visit booked, will this be going ahead?

All parent visits have been postponed. The Admissions teams will however remain contactable (01509 278101) to answer any questions, discuss assessments and process all applications.

For more information please visit:

Will the Holiday Clubs still be running?

At the moment, the Loughborough Schools Foundation Holiday Clubs have been cancelled due to the mandatory closure of the Schools. A review of provision of clubs for summer will be conducted during the second half of the summer term.

What precautions can we take?

We advise all members of the Loughborough Schools Foundation to continue to follow advice from Public Health England and the NHS.

For more information please visit:

Are public activities at the Schools cancelled?

Based upon guidelines from PHE, all evening and weekend events and sports bookings, that are open to the community on our school property are now suspended. These activities will be reinstated once the Foundation campus re-opens and it is deemed safe and third parties will be kept informed of the situation.

How will you keep me updated on the situation?

All status updates will be posted on each School’s website. The School and Foundation twitter feeds will also be used to provide updates.

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Loughborough High School:

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