An introduction to the Foundation

Choose any one of the Foundation Schools and you will discover that each has its own wonderful personality, rich traditions and is shaped by the vision of its Head and the passion of dedicated teaching staff.

Yet while much makes each School distinctive, more holds them together; one beautiful location, shared facilities, shared knowledge, shared central services and a shared commitment to provide the most rewarding education any parent could gift their child. As our School hymn says, we are ‘one Family unbroken.’

That ‘common ground’ is the role, the purpose and the day-to-day responsibility of The Loughborough Schools Foundation.

"It is impossible to believe that so much of excellence in tradition, in continued high educational standards and in grace of surroundings should be regarded lightly by this or any future generation."

A History of Loughborough Schools

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About us featured image

What we do

Over and above already excellent Schools, the Foundation empowers each to ‘punch above its weight’ and offer more to every pupil, every family and the local community.

By pooling resources and sharing overheads between Schools we are able to set exceptional standards, progress faster and provide resources and facilities which a single school would find hard to emulate at comparable fee levels.

Examples abound. Our exemplary Loughborough School’s Music building, the only one in the Midlands with ‘All-Steinway School’ status. Our extensive and absorbing Forest School. Our lead in the adoption of iPad learning and investment in state-of-the-art STEM learning. Our ‘coming soon’ extended sports provision and superb pitches at Quorn. Our wide ranging transport network. The quality of our in School catering. The maintenance of our grounds. Our year round, not just term-time, Bursary support for parents. Even our cleaning and security sets an exemplary standard.


About us featured image
About us featured image

These are just the immediately tangible benefits of the Foundation.

Our being one provides a wider, deeper and more diverse community for pupils to grow and learn within. It enables us to employ the very best and the brightest to help create the best and brightest. Tours and trips can be shared and more subjects become viable as students across the Foundation mix in drama, choir, ensembles, some Sixth Form subjects and on the bus home.

Young Prep School children take inspiration from seeing their Senior School peers in day-to-day School Life and Sixth Formers particularly play an invaluable role in supporting and mentoring younger pupils across the campus. It is reassuring too that families can settle knowing that, all being well, children and any siblings can complete their education in one place.


Why choose the Loughborough Schools Foundation?

Whichever School or Schools your child goes on to attend, their education will be enriched by it being part of our Foundation.

A place of opportunity – to learn, to discover, explore, make new friends, try new things and always feel cared for and cared about.

A place of enduring happiness – built on inclusion for the whole family, selflessness, common courtesy and the warmth of your welcome.

A place of inspiration – to stretch, stimulate, raise children’s sights and prepare every child to go out into the world and make it a better place; a wonderful ambition written not by a Headmaster but by some of our Sixth Form girls.

In summary why just go to School when you could join a family and a Foundation that is so much more.

About us featured image
About us featured image