Loughborough Schools Foundation is proud of its latest Educational Quality Inspection Reports produced in December 2021, which have returned wonderful results across its four schools and nursery.

Carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and in association with the Department for Education, the evaluations consider qualities such as pupil achievement, the academic and personal development of pupils, quality of leadership, and student welfare.

The schools were applauded for the pupils’ exemplary attitudes to learning and high levels of attainment as well as achievements across a wide range of regional and national academic, sporting, art, drama and music activities. It was also noted how pupils respect and value diversity in their school and have a well-developed appreciation of the non-material aspects of life.

Loughborough High School’s report highlighted that pupils’ communication skills, particularly in their ability to articulate opinions and listen respectfully are excellent. They are sensitive to each other and show outstanding collaborative skills, which contribute to their achievements in many spheres:

“Pupils achieve much success across a wide range of regional and national academic, sporting, art, drama, music and other activities.”

Meanwhile, the Loughborough Grammar School’s report praised the pupils for their considerable self-confidence and self-discipline:

“They display an excellent understanding of themselves and what they excel in as well as areas that they find more challenging. Pupils are able to engage in a very thoughtful self-reflection about personal identity and character and what led to them.”

The collaborative nature between age groups, and the many successes in sporting, musical, artistic and cultural arenas are also noted across the four Schools.

Fairfield Prep was praised for embracing cultural diversity, for which the pupils have learnt respect for other cultures, values and traditions. The report also revealed that pupils, despite their young age, were mature and disciplined learners, with strong self-motivation and concentration on writing tasks:

“Across the school, pupils show increasing proficiency in their study skills, so by the time they leave they are effective independent learners.”

Loughborough Amherst School was praised for achieving high standards across the school from a diverse range of starting points which represents successful fulfilment of the school’s aim to provide a challenging and diverse knowledge-rich curriculum that sets high expectations for all learners:

“Pupils’ attitudes to learning are positive, supportive and pro-active. They work well collaboratively and enjoy the opportunity to work with others.”

Commenting on the schools’ success, Tony Jones, Chairman of Governors at Loughborough Schools Foundation, said:

“Inspection reports are always an exciting time since this is our chance to demonstrate the strong commitment of our teachers and to showcase our effective learning principles and pupil support.

“The findings in these reports are excellent and I’d like to thank our entire team of teachers, pupils, parents, support staff and governors, for their unceasing efforts in helping us to continue delivering such a high-level of education. Long may that continue.”