Our aim is to encourage and nurture healthy food choices, independence, enjoyment of social eating and good table manners. Large windows enable inquisitive children to safely watch food being prepared in our kitchen and a low serving hatch gives them greater independence as they are encouraged to make healthy food choices at meal times.

Fresh water is on hand for all children throughout the day and as they get older they are encouraged to be more independent in helping themselves to drinks. The staff are all careful to ensure the children are well hydrated throughout the day.

Our chef

Our Nursery Chef is very experienced in catering for children. They source the highest quality ingredients and all food is prepared fresh, daily, from scratch. Happy to chat with you about your child’s particular needs our Chef will adapt meals to accommodate cultural and dietary requirements. Our Nursery Chef gets to know each individual child’s requirements, smoothly incorporating them into daily menus.

Exciting and enticing menus are offered on a four week rota basis to ensure everyone has the chance to enjoy a variety of different tastes, flavours and textures. All adhere to Ofsted’s guidelines regarding nutritional values for children. You are welcome to meet with our Chef and share your child’s favourite recipes which others may also enjoy. She is also happy to share her own recipes with parents.

"Meals are nutritious and varied, and it is wonderful that the kitchen feels part of the nursery, with children able to see the meals being prepared."


When your baby joins Loughborough Nursery all consumables including formula milk will be provided up to the age of 12 months, unless you wish to supply breast milk. Please let either Carla, Nursery Manager or your child’s Room Leader know if your baby does require formula milk and they will ensure that your preferred brand is available. Our Chef and the Developers team understand how important it is for parents to feel supported during the weaning process and we are happy to offer advice and support if required and to follow parents’ preferred weaning plans.

Our Chef not only prepares our delicious home cooked meals but also involves the children in cooking activities, enabling them to see their creations through from combining ingredients, to cooking, cooling and finally taking home to eat. She also plans to show the children how things grow, starting with culinary herbs which they can nurture, touch, smell and taste.

"Children sit exceptionally well during mealtimes, clearly enjoying the food and social experience. They demonstrate excellent table manners for their age."

ISI Inspection Report, December 2021