• Hire Agreement

  • To encourage new pupils and to relieve parents of initial expenditure, the Loughborough Schools Foundation offer a certain number of musical instruments for hire. There are conditions attached to each hire and parents are asked to sign this form indicating these conditions are understood and agreed before the instrument is handed over to the pupil. The conditions are as follows:
    1. The charge for the hire of each instrument is £40 per term or part of a term. This charge will be added to your school fees bill. If the instrument is an ‘endangered species’ or its primary use is to support an ensemble, the fee may be waived. Any reeds purchased for these instruments through the music school will be charged for.
    2. The hire period is for a maximum of 3 terms, which does not include the summer holiday. There is always a demand for instruments to hire but in certain circumstances it may be possible to extend this period.
    3. Parents are liable for any loss or damage sustained while the instrument is on hire to you. Please ensure your home or personal insurance gives you adequate cover for the replacement of an instrument should loss or damage occur. The Loughborough Schools Foundation take no responsibility for any accidents involving instruments on hire.
    4. When the instrument is brought into the Loughborough Schools Foundation it should be kept in the special storage cupboards within the building. It should be clearly labelled with both the school’s name the pupil’s name and form.
    5. At the end of the hire period your child’s instrumental teacher will be happy to advise on the purchase of a suitable instrument.
    6. If the instrument is not being made full use of, the Loughborough Schools Foundation reserves the right to recall the instrument for someone else’s use.
    7. Any repairs must be carried out by an approved repairer. The Director of Music should be contacted before any work is undertaken.
    8. Please inform the Music office in writing as soon as the instrument is returned so that accurate accounts can be kept.
    Nicky Bouckley Director, Loughborough Schools Music