• Terms and Conditions of Individual Music Tuition

    1 Time & Place of Lessons

    All face-to-face lessons will take place at the Loughborough Schools Foundation, and any remote lessons will take place via MS Teams and in accordance with Foundation protocols for remote learning. Lessons take place at a time agreed between the teacher and school; this may vary from week to week according to the rota system. Fixed lessons are limited in availability and priority for fixed lesson times is given to:
    1. Pupils in Y12 and Y13 (lessons in private study periods or outside curriculum time)
    2. Pupils in Y11 (lessons outside curriculum time)
    3. Pupils with identified additional learning needs, as required
    4. Pupils learning more than one instrument (we make every effort to avoid pupils being timetabled for multiple instrumental lessons in curriculum time in any week)

    2 Fees & Charges

    Billing is applied in arrears to your school fees note. Fees that are applied to your account will be for lessons timetabled. For example, if your child has been scheduled for 9 lessons during the summer term, you will be billed for 9 lessons. Additional costs for sundries, such as reeds, sheet music, strings etc. will also be added to your school fee note. The schools reserve the right to suspend lessons in the event of non-payment by the due date.

    3 Instrument Insurance

    All instruments brought into school should be insured by parents, including instruments on hire from the school or from an outside organisation. This can usually be done under the ‘all risks’ section of a general household insurance policy.

    4 Lessons Missed

    Please ensure that you provide the Music Manager with two academic weeks’ notice if there is a time or date that your child cannot be scheduled for a music lesson. Scheduled lessons that re missed through a pupil’s unplanned non-attendance will be charged for. Please note if your child is absent from school due to illness, they may not come into school for individual music lessons.

    5 Notice to Discontinue

    Lessons may be discontinued at the end of any school term. Notice to discontinue lessons must be given in writing (which includes email) to the Music Office by the beginning of the half term holiday of the term at the end of which you wish the lessons to cease. Notice given later than this will be deemed to apply to the following term. During study leave, when pupils are not required on site, we will assume that they will not attend instrumental lessons in person. However, pupils may opt in for face-to-face lessons as and when they can attend, and remote learning may also be possible in these circumstances. Please note that for Y6 pupils continuing to LGS, LHS or LAS lessons will continue unless and until you submit notice to discontinue. **If you undertake lessons through the Summer Starter Scheme, you undertake to pay for the lessons arranged for the Summer term but no notice to discontinue will be required.  If your child wishes to then continue in the Autumn term, we will issue you with a new contract when the above full terms and conditions will apply.

    6 Notice to Increase Fees

    The fees will be reviewed from time to time and may be increased by such amount as the governors consider necessary and reasonable. We endeavour to give at least a term’s notice of any increased in the fees due for a particular term and in any event shall give you notice of any such increases not later than the beginning of the half term holiday of the preceding term.