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Apart from the many masterclasses and other educational activities delivered by teaching staff and pupils at the senior schools a variety of additional training and support based educational activities are also undertaken and include contributions from Fairfield Prep School (FFD).  This year these activities are:

  • PGCE students from Loughborough University are supported at LGS
  • LGS staff involved in external examinations as team leaders and assistant examiners
  • Host unit under the central government Cadet Expansion Programme. LGS involved in mentoring and partnership as the host school within the Programme, assisting Leicester College in setting up their own Combined Cadet Force
  • FFD hosted many educational based competitions for local schools such as the Leicestershire Chess Championships and the Eurotalk regional qualifiers.
  • FFD welcomed representatives from the Schools’ Outreach Project. Activities included interactive assemblies, Bible Explorers Group, visits to local churches and workshops
  • Around twelve students from Loughborough College, particularly those studying for their NVQ qualifications, visit FFD annually to undertake placements
  • FFD staff assist Loughborough University students with data collection, lesson observations and questionnaires as part of the dissertation research projects
  • LGS and LHS staff support non-specialist teaching staff to aid the introduction of Latin within a local group of Academies