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Dr Mona Aslam

I have been working as a Consultant Paediatrician for 17 yrs and as Designated Doctor for Children in Care for the last 3 years. My work
covers a wide range of issues which young people have to deal with and which can sometimes result as medical issues when things don’t go
right. I enjoy working with young children and recognise the impact society has on their hopes, aspirations and their lives.
I have been part of the Foundation since my eldest (who this week graduated on line from medical school) was at Fairfield. This year has
thrown up some new experiences and an online graduation was certainly not the same as seeing your child throw up his mortar board hat in
the air whilst you as a parent feel that sense of gratitude and pride. My other children have also been at the foundation.
In my little spare time I enjoy walking, sometimes even jogging and cycling through our beautiful countryside. I like being creative, sewing and
upcycling. I enjoy learning and taking on a challenge and am enjoying watching the children grow into young adults albeit with some new
challenges for me.