Route NCTB - Nottingham City Transport Bus

This is public bus service Navy Line route 1 operated by Nottingham City Transport. Click here for full details and timetable.

A school travel pass (Easyrider Everyday Further) is available for this route – click here for details.

Nottingham City Centre

Nottingham City Centre: Beastmarket Hill

Leaves: 0705 Returns: 1726

Travel to school time:

1hr 13 mins


Nottingham: Trent Bridge

Leaves: 0715 Returns: 1716

Travel to school time:

1hr 8 mins

Nottingham: Railway Station

Leaves: 0710 Returns: 1721

Travel to school time:

1hr 3 mins


Wilford: The Green

Leaves: 0720 Returns: 1711

Travel to school time:

58 mins


Clifton: Fabis Drive

Leaves: 0725 Returns: 1706

Travel to school time:

53 mins

Clifton: NTU Gate

Leaves: 0727 Returns: 1703

Travel to school time:

51 mins

Clifton Pastures

Clifton Pastures: Pastures Avenue

Leaves: 0732 Returns: 1657

Travel to school time:

46 mins


Gotham: Bus garage, Leake Road

Leaves: 0740 Returns: 1652

Travel to school time:

38 mins

East Leake

East Leake: Shops

Leaves: 0749 Returns: 1640

Travel to school time:

29 mins

Stanford on Soar

Stanford on Soar: Church

Leaves: 0749 Returns: 1640

Travel to school time:

21 mins


Loughborough: Baxter Gate

Returns: 1625
Loughborough Grammar School Crest

Loughborough Schools Foundation Car Park

Arrives: 0818 Leaves: 1613 Route NCTB leaves from bus bay NCTB


Nottingham City Transport

Tel: 0115 9506070