Route C - Leicester / Thurmaston

Leicester: London Road

London Road/Prebend Street Junction: Hydes Herbal Clinic

Leaves: 0710 Returns: 1715

Travel to school time:

65 mins

Holmfield Road

Holmfield Road

Leaves: 0715 Returns: 1710

Travel to school time:

60 mins

Guildford Road

Guildford Road: Dentique Clinic

Leaves: 0718 Returns: 1707

Travel to school time:

57 mins

Evington Lane /
Linden Drive

Evington Lane/Linden Drive

Leaves: 0724 Returns: 1701

Travel to school time:

51 mins

Spencefield Lane /
Uppingham Road

Spencefield Lane/Uppingham Road

Leaves: 0729 Returns: 1656

Travel to school time:

44 mins

Uppingham Road /
Rockery Close

Uppingham Road / Rockery Close jct

Leaves: 0733 Returns: 1652

Travel to school time:

42 mins

Lower Keyham Lane /
Thurmaston Lane Triangle junction

Lower Keyham Lane/Thurmaston Lane Triangle junction

Leaves: 0737 Returns: 1648

Travel to school time:

38 mins

Thurmaston Lane

Thurmaston Lane/Layby at 2nd bus stop after Porsche garage
(in front of Contract Engineering Services)

Leaves: 0741 Returns: 1644

Travel to school time:

34 mins

Rushey Mead

Rushey Mead: Troon Way/Barkby Lane

Leaves: 0743 Returns: 1642

Travel to school time:

32 mins

Troon Way / Nicklaus Road

Troon way / Nicklaus Road, after traffic lights bus stop layby

Leaves: 0744 Returns: 1643

Travel to school time:

31 mins

Melton Road bus stop

Melton Road bus stop: Junction of Pinfold Road opposite Manor Medical Centre

Leaves: 0746 Returns: 1639

Travel to school time:

29 mins

Loughborough Grammar School Crest

Loughborough Schools Foundation

Arrives: 0815 Leaves: 1610 Route C leaves from bus bay C


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