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The Modern Languages department aims not only to help pupils to do their very best in external examinations, but also to make them excited about the range of languages offered, about the people who speak them, and about the cultures of those people and the countries in which they live.

In Year 7 pupils have a half-termly taster of French, German and Spanish before deciding which language they wish to continue studying to GCSE. In Year 9 they have the chance to pick up another of these languages, which they can also continue to GCSE if they wish. All three languages are offered up to A Level in the Sixth Form.

The department has access to a range of modern teaching resources, and teaching methods include the use of games and songs to support language learning and to give pupils the chance to learn about the culture of the countries where the language is spoken. In addition, we offer an extensive extracurricular programme which includes theatre productions, guest speakers, dance workshops and a film club, as well as the opportunity to take part in our home stay and residential trips.

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