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All pupils study the subject up to the end of Year 9. Many pupils go on to study it at IGCSE, in the Sixth Form and at university. There are numerous trips and visits organised for all Year Groups and residential trips to, for example, Iceland and Morocco.


The course will appeal to those students who are interested in:

  • The issues which affect people and the places they live in
  • How villages, towns and cities are changing and why
  • How people are affecting the environment we all live in
  • What causes different landscapes

A Level

Studying Geography at A Level develops skills where you will:

  • know about local, national and global issues and be able to talk about them
  • have developed skills such as using maps, photographs, diagrams and statistics, explaining your ideas clearly to others
  • be aware of events around you and appreciate that people have different views and there are different solutions to issues