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All pupils study English and English Literature as an integrated course to the end of Year 11 following the Cambridge IGCSE course. Many go on to study English Literature in the Sixth Form where the OCR specification is followed and some pupils read the subject in higher education.

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English lessons are based around a variety of full­ class, individual or small ­group activities. Pupils are actively encouraged to participate in the extra­-curricular opportunities provided by the department including: theatre trips, in-house theatre experiences, the school magazine, debating, creative writing and various literary competitions.


At GCSE, there will be two examinations, testing both reading and writing skills. In English Literature, a range of literary forms will be studied, leading to two examinations at the end of Year 11. Lessons involve a wide variety of activities to enable pupils to become effective learners. As well as refining skills in writing, girls explore non-fiction and media texts in order to develop communication skills. A broad range of poetry, prose and drama from the twentieth century and other historical periods, as well as from varying cultures, will be studied for English Literature.

A Level

English Literature at A Level includes a study of poetry, prose and drama from the 15th century to the present day. All tasks undertaken relate to close literary analysis and students begin to examine the wider themes and concepts which arise in texts in more detail.