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Drama is taught as discrete subject in Years 7 and 8. In Year 7 the pupils are encouraged to develop their confidence and explore their creativity and imagination by taking risks and learning how to work, effectively, as a member of a group. In Year 8, a variety of styles are explored such as; slapstick, clowning and melodrama, broadening the pupils appreciation of theatrical and dramatic forms. It is in Year 8 where we also offer the opportunity to explore the technical aspects of lighting and sound too.

In Year 9, drama is one of the options available and is taught as a triple lesson throughout the year, allowing the pupils to extend their understanding and knowledge of the subject. A combination of working from scripts, including textual and performance analysis, plus, improvisation and character development are the basis of Year 9. This in turn creates a strong foundation for students who wish to pursue Drama as a GCSE.

Drama is offered at GCSE and A level (EDEXCEL). These courses include the exploration of play texts, the performing of plays and the analysis of live theatre. The carefully selected set texts inspire students, allowing them to reach their potential through practical exercises that encourage them to access the work through their interests and their skills whilst simultaneously challenging and stretching them. Students who study Drama develop a multitude of skills, including collaboration, communication and risk taking.

There are ample opportunities to participate in workshops led by visiting practitioners (including Frantic Assembly, Splendid Productions and Theatre Centre) and visits to productions both locally and in London. Students who have chosen to study the subject at GCSE and A Level have pursued a varied, but not limited to, range of careers in medicine, law, marketing, economics, History, psychology as well as art, drama and music.