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All pupils study ICT up to the end of Year 8 and may continue it as an option in Year 9.

The Year 9 course allows pupils to take the European Computer Driving licence qualification, a widely regarded qualification in computer literacy. This qualification is also available as part of the Year 12 enrichment programme.


Computer science is offered at GCSE. This is the study of how computer systems work, how they are constructed and programmed. Pupils learn a set of techniques and methods for solving problems, as well as practical programming skills. All pupils are encouraged to make full use of the school’s ICT facilities. In the Sixth Form, A level computing is available through Loughborough Grammar School.

A Level

A Level Computer Science is a course as much about problem solving and automating solutions as it is about computers, although we use computers as tools and the course will give an understanding of how computers work. The algorithms that underpin our daily lives, whether that is finding our way with GPS satellite navigation, messaging our friends across the globe or even putting on our washing machine or TV, computers are running the processes that allow all these things and more to take place.