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Shakespeare Schools Festival

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On Wednesday 13 November students in years 9 & 10 from the High School, Grammar School and Amherst came together to perform a 30 minute abridged version of As You Like It at Curve, Leicester as part of Shakespeare Schools Festival.

The cast were complimented by the festival director on their ability to work as a team, the creativity in the staging of the piece, the outstanding delivery of Shakespearean text and the ensembles use of movement to highlight key themes within the play ‘Your ensemble work was particularly impressive with its great attention to detail. You maintained a very high standard throughout. I loved your movement work for “All the world’s a stage…” which was further enhanced by your strong vocals and command of the language.’

The festival were also impressed with the casts use of ribbons as set and to highlight key moments in the play.  ‘Your choice and use of ribbons was wonderful. It was visually stunning how you created the environments including the wrestling ring and the orchard. In addition, the way you conveyed and echoed the characters’ emotions was very effective as a means of storytelling and was fascinating to watch.”

Special mention to our technicians Lewis and Will, who did a great job and congratulations to Sam for his work in the Assistant Director role. Well done!

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Shakespear Schools Festival
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