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Induction Day Speech by Sinchna

Induction Day Speech by Sinchna featured image

Good afternoon everyone, and a very warm welcome to the soon-to-be Year 7 and your parents. I hope that you have all had a great induction day, getting to know your future classmates and enjoying just a small flavour of all that the high school has to offer as you begin your journey as an LHS girl. I’m Sinchna, your deputy head girl and I’m speaking to you on behalf of Sarah-Jane who is currently away on a CCF summer camp- one of the many extra-curricular opportunities waiting for you at LHS!

I want to give you an idea of life in Year 7 and hopefully reassure those of you who may be, understandably, worried about starting a new school that this truly is a really exciting time in your lives, something to look forward to and enjoy as well as look back on fondly like I do now.

Transitioning into a new school, as with any change, can seem daunting at first, but don’t worry, believe me, you will all fit right in! In fact, it feels extremely strange to be standing here, talking to you today, when it seems like just yesterday that I was sitting right where you are now, with the same anxious anticipation and excitement for the year ahead.

Now, reflecting on my time in Year 7, my worries seem needless as it is honestly a great year; a start to your amazing journey at LHS! You build foundations to friendships that will last a lifetime and your confidence grows immensely, both academically and in any extra-curricular activities you decide to pursue. I have formed strong friendships over the past six years, ranging from those I made on my own induction day to the new ones which continue to be formed and strengthened as I begin my seventh year at the high school. As an all-girls school, a unique, tight-knit closeness is developed at LHS throughout the whole year group providing a fantastic support network and lifelong relationships which I plan to take far beyond the school gates come July next year.

Right from day one there are so many opportunities to get to know your year group whether that’s on the sports field, in the recital hall or drama studio, knitting in the Art rooms or even enjoying some Spanish karaoke to name just a few. There is such a wide range of clubs and activities on offer, open to everyone in Year 7, regardless of your previous experience, ability level or confidence and I would encourage all of you to throw yourself into as many opportunities as possible. There really is no better way to get to know people than bonding over a shared interest and it’s a really great way to make friends with girls in other forms and even in different year groups.

Another unique and fundamental part of life at LHS is the houses. There is always a house event to get involved in, for example, house drama is next week and your first house event will be house music in the autumn term. Sports day last Friday saw the school come together in fierce competition, involving a lot face paint, loud and bright costumes from year 12 and ice lollies – It was definitely worth the sunburn!  You will form a strong bond with your house and come to look forward to house assemblies on a Tuesday morning even if you’re not in Burton- the best house!

The majority of teaching in Year 7 is done in form groups, and the fantastic team of form tutors and Mrs Day are always on hand to help you settle in, adjust to having lots of new subjects and help with any pastoral concerns. There are also buddies from Year 11 coupled with prefects for each form from Year 12 who will act as big sisters, offering you advice about homework, tests, friendships and any other queries you might have. Also, feel free to approach myself, or another member of the prefect team if you have any questions or concerns – I promise we’re not as scary as we look! My point is, you will never feel alone at LHS, there is always someone willing to listen to you and be there to support you, it’s what gives the high school the family-like atmosphere which I will miss the most when I leave next year.

When I was reflecting on what to put in this speech, I thought about the three pieces of advice I would give to my younger self and I hope that they may be of use to some of you. So, number 1: Just go for it and try out as many opportunities as you can. Get a feel for what you really enjoy and find things to fill your week to make it as exciting as possible. Number 2: worry less and just enjoy it! It’s amazing how quickly time flies by so make the most of everyday both in and outside the classroom. Number 3:  finally, look out for one another, be kind to each other and before you know it you will have formed strong bonds with the people around you who start off as strangers but turn into your second family.

So, by the end of today I hope you all feel ready and eager to seize all the new opportunities that are coming your way and throw yourself into life at LHS, when we welcome you into the Loughborough High School Family in September.

And to the parents, I hope you now feel even more reassured that your daughter will be well looked after here at the High School and are excited to join her in starting this new and exciting chapter of her life.

Thank you for listening.

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