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GCSE Results 2018

GCSE Results 2018 featured image

These results, which are the best on record since 2009 for Loughborough High School, are a real testament to the hard work and dedication of the girls and our staff who have supported them. They have coped brilliantly with both reformed and iGCSE and these outstanding results absolutely demonstrate that the concerns about qualifications are, for LHS, completely unfounded.

Gwen Byrom, Head of Loughborough High School

Results Summary

GCSE students entered 82
Percentage pass rate (A*-G) 100%
A* 53.5%
A* to A 78.8%
A* to B 94.2%
A* to C 98.8%
Percentage pass rate (9-1) 100%
Grade 9 42.3%
Grade 8/9 (A* equivalent) 64.9%
Grade 7-9 (A*to A equivalent) 83.1%
Grade 4-9 (A*to C equivalent) 99.23%

The aggregated GCSE results are as follows:

A* (8/9) 60%

A*/A (7/8/9) 80%

A*-B (6-9) 94%

  • 100% of girls have at least 5 GCSEs at grade 5/C and above including English and Maths
  • 7 girls have 10A*/9 grades
  • 35 girls (42.7%) have all A*/A and 7/8/9
  • GCSE sciences (all triple award) with all subjects having at least 60% A*
  • Religious Studies has 80% grade 9 and Maths 40% grade 9
  • Spanish has 49% of girls with grade 9
  • Latin has 60% grade 9 (100% grade 8/9)

Student Results

Scarlett – Grades 6A*, A, 9. 8, 7

Runner, Scarlett was the first to open her results this morning which set the ball rolling for a fantastic day! Both she and her parents were absolutely thrilled with her results, which enables her to study biology, psychology, geography and classics at A Level. While she has been studying hard for her GCSEs, she has also played hockey and netball for the school but also fosters cats for the RSPCA!

Lydia – (Grades A* x 3, A x 2, B, 8, 7, 6)

Lydia has gleaned a fantastic crop of top results and Dad couldn’t be more pleased! She has achieved this alongside her regular Horse Riding volunteer job with Riding for the Disabled. Next year she intends to study English Literature, Business, Biology and Geography at A Level.

Emma (third from right) (Grades A* x 3, A x 3, 8 x 2, 7, 6)

Emma said she was ‘delighted’ at her achievements and will be going onto study A levels in Geography, Biology and PE and has future aspirations for a career in physiotherapy. Very active outside school, she is a coach and player for Charnwood and Rutland Netball Club.

Rhiannon (Grades A x 5, B x 2, 8, 7, 6)

Rhiannon has her sights set on a career in medicine and is well on her way with these brilliant results! Alongside her studies she is a superb musician, having achieved grade 8, she is now studying for a music diploma in Oboe and working towards grade 8 in saxophone. She will be doing all this alongside A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Music and Psychology.

Cecile (A*, A x 5, B, 9,8,6)

Cecile and her mum were ecstatic on reading her results! Also a dancer with Charnwood School of Dance, Cecile will be studying English, Geography, Business and Politics and long term is interested in a career in marketing.

Bim (Grades A*x 4, B x 2, 9, 8 x 2, 7)

Bim is over the moon at her results today and she has much to be proud of, not only has she done very well, she is also a bit of an entrepreneur! Bim has her own online digital art business too. Long term she aspires to study architecture, but in the meantime will be studying chemistry, maths, economics and geography.

Harleen (Grades A* x 5, A, 9 x 4)

Harleen was very emotional on seeing her stunning results this morning and it is no wonder with five A*s, an A and four 9s! She has studied hard alongside gaining the D of E Silver award, being a black belt in Karate and has previously danced at the Dupont Dance School. She will be studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Economics.

Georgia (Grades A x 3, B x 4, 7 x 2, 5)

Tears of joy from Georgia who could not have been more pleased with her amazing results. Georgia is a member of the school debating society and a keen horse rider. She hasn’t decided definitely on a career path as yet but is very interested in something related to psychology or conservation – which is reflected in her A level choices of Psychology, Geography, Biology and Politics.

Antonia, Shreeya with Twins Alicia & Olivia

Antonia (Grades A* x 6, 9 x 4) far left

It was a clean sweep of top grades for Antonia today with six A *s and four grade 9s. She succeeded in may engineering projects in the last couple of years; gaining her gold crest, collaboratively designed the ‘ConductOVest, that won the 2017 TeenTech finals for wearable technology which took them to the Big Bang Fair earlier this year.  Also musical, Antonia is currently working towards her grade 6 music in Cello. She will be studying biology, chemistry, psychology and geography at A Level.

Shreeya (Grades A* x 6, 9 x 3, 8) 2nd left

Shreeya gained some remarkable results this morning which will enable her to take biology, chemistry psychology and geography next year at A Level. She has achieved the silver UKMT and is also working to towards her grade 7 piano and her gold crest award.

Alicia (Grades A*x 5, A x 1, 9 x2, 8 x2)
Olivia (Grades A*x 5, A x 1, 9 x2, 8 x2)

Twins Alicia and Olivia have unbelievably achieved identical grades! Albeit in slightly different subjects, between them they have ten A*s, two As, four 9s and four 8s! . Alicia will be taking geography, physics, maths and biology at A Level and Olivia will be taking biology, chemistry, maths and RS. They are both very musical with Alicia playing piano and flute and Olivia, violin and flute. Long term, Alicia is interested in a career with the meteorological office but Olivia hasn’t made any decisions as yet.

Hattie (Grades A* x 6, 9 x 2, 8 x 2)

Hattie’s career goals are centered around health, nutrition, diet and sport, so with the success she has achieved in her GCSEs she is able to study A Levels in biology, chemistry, P.E. and geography. Outside of school she has trained with the Performance Centre for England Hockey at Nottingham and plays for Beeston Hockey Club. Also a netballer she plays with local team, Charnwood and Rutland Netball Club.

Danielle (Grades A* x 6, 9 x 4) (centre in picture)

Danielle is the last of four out of six sisters to be educated at Loughborough High School. She has certainly followed in their footsteps with such fantastic results – a clean sweep of 6 A*s and four grade 9s, no less! She will be studying RS, French, English Literature and psychology and hopes to gain a place at university to study languages, after sixth form.

Roo Roo, Connie and Lily

Roo Roo (Grades A* x 6, 9 x 3, 8)

Roo Roo will be taking maths, chemistry, physics and biology at A Level as she would like to pursue medicine at university and as a career. Although clearly an amazing scientist, she is a talented musician as well, having completed her music diploma in piano and also grade 7 violin. Roo Roo is a member of the school debating society and in her down time, she also likes to play badminton.

Connie (Grades A* x 5, 9 x 5 )

After taking a very long time to pluck up the courage to open her results envelope, Connie was in for a massive surprise – a clean sweep of five A*s and five grade 9s, she certainly had nothing to be worried about! Connie is also a member of the debating society at school. She is keen to follow a career path into medicine and will be taking maths, chemistry, physics and French at A Level.

Lily (Grades A* x 6, 9, 8 & x 2)

Lily has every reason to be proud of herself today with such a great set of results. Lily runs the debating society at school and has aspirations for a career in Law so will be studying Latin, history, English and politics at A Level

Maddie (Grades A* x 5, A x 2, 9, 8, 7)
Eirlys (Grades A*x 7, 9 x 3)

Twins, Maddie and Eirlys have both gained fabulous results today and this is on top of extremely busy lives. Both are referees with the Leicestershire Football Association and they play hockey for Loughborough Town and for school. They were also both lucky enough to be selected to represent Girl Guiding UK after they sat their GCSEs, Maddie went off to Ireland and Eirlys to Austria.

That is not all; individually Maddie also plays football for Loughborough Foxes. She will be taking biology, chemistry, psychology and geography at A Level. Meanwhile, Eirlys is working towards her grade 6 Piano and outside school she also attends the Bright Lights Theatre School and will be taking maths, English, biology and history at A level.

Lois (Grades 6A*, 9 x 3, 8)

Future engineer, Lois’s results have reflected her ability and interest in her intended career path. She was awarded a prestigious Arkwright Scholarship at the beginning of her GCSEs, during the selection process she took part in work experience on the huge Tideway project responsible for building the new sewers in London. She also created an app as part of her Gold Crest Award that tracks heart rhythm and can detect heart arrhythmias. Lois also finds time to play for both the school hockey and netball A teams and outside of school rows with Loughborough Boat Club.

Sinchna (grades A* x 6, 9 x 2, 8)

Sinchna’s parents were so pleased and proud of her today on receiving such excellent results. She will be taking A Levels in biology, maths, history and chemistry in the Autumn, with a view of applying for medicine at university. In preparation for this, she has a part time job alongside of her studies, working as a care assistant in Charnwood Oaks Nursing Home, looking after dementia patients.

Sarah-Jane (Grades A* x 5, A 9 x 4)

Sarah-Jane and her mum were thrilled to read such fantastic results, which will enable her to study biology, chemistry, maths and RS for A Level in the Autumn term. Sarah-Jane has aspirations to study veterinary science at university. Sarah-Jane is a very active student, playing football for the Loughborough Foxes since she was in year 3, she is a young leader at Woodhouse Eaves Guides, has completed her D of E Silver award and her grade 6 in singing! On top of all that she has just returned from the school sports tour of South Africa where she has been competing in hockey and netball against local teams.


Jayna and her mum were delighted in her GCSE achievements today. Jayna intends to study French, Spanish and business at A Level with a view it taking on an international business career. Outside of school she enjoys Bollywood Dance at Nupur Arts in Leicester.

Holly (Grades A* x 6, 9 x 4)

Holly has achieved all top marks with six A*s and 4 grade 9s, which is great news! She wants to follow a path in medicine so will be taking A levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Holly is very active, playing Tennis for Charnwood Tennis club and is also on the school’s rounders and tennis teams. During the week, Holly sings with two of the Loughborough Endowed School choirs, Cantalina and the Chamber Choir.

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