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Eco Committee Meeting with Jane Hunt MP

Report written by Jaysol, Year 10, Loughborough Grammar School


On Friday 3 July eco representatives from all three Senior Schools met with Mrs Jane Hunt, MP for Loughborough, to discuss the looming threat of climate change. We all got a chance to ask Mrs Hunt one question within our 15-minute slot.  


Megan, the eco rep for the High School, started the questioning and asked; ‘How can reduced CO2 emissions seen during lockdown, be maintained?’


Jane replied that this was a ‘fantastic opportunity’ to make progress in reducing CO2 emissions post lockdown and pointed out that many organisations have already taken minimising steps due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was heartening to hear that these organisations realise that reduced CO2 emissions can be achieved long term.


I then asked Jane about HS2 and whether it should be reconsidered due to its environmental impact and the significant cost. Jane agreed to disagree on this question! Jane specified that there was a benefit to businesses of swifter travel throughout the countryand she felt that investment in railways was important. She was also keen to note that she would prefer the rail lines to be electrified.


Lucy, the eco rep for Amherst, asked a question about the Town Deal and whether there were more environmentally beneficial things that could be incorporated into it. Jane suggested that she was very keen to make it as environmentally friendly as possible; stressing her desire to make Loughborough more cycle friendly and to improve the bus system in and around the town.  


Matthew closed the meeting with a question about Jane’s role as a parliamentary private secretary, asking if she would use this role to lobby and pressurise government ministers to be as environmental as possible. Jane replied that she was very happy to do this.  

Overall, it was an extremely fruitful and interesting meeting in which some pertinent environmental issues were raised. Jane seemed very enthusiastic about ensuring a green future for the nation, for which we are very grateful and we hope that we will continue to have a good relationship and further meetings with Jane. Our thanks to her for agreeing to the meeting and to the students who submitted the many questions. Unfortunately, we did not have time to ask all of their questions however the enthusiasm and eagerness is greatly appreciated.


I really hope that when the next academic year begins, many more students will join us in the eco committee. My thanks go to our eco reps, Megan and Lucy for participating in the meeting, however in particular, I would like to thank Matthew for all of his hard work, dedication and leadership to the eco committee over the years.