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Easter Harvest Collection

Easter Harvest Collection featured image

The Year 12 and 13 VSU teams have been busy organising an Easter Harvest collection this half term. The students at LHS brought in food donations as well as Easter eggs and these have been distributed to local charities and soup kitchens in Loughborough.

Despite the students only being back at School for three weeks, a tremendous amount of food and Easter eggs were donated by our school community.

The VSU team would like to say “thank you” to everyone for all their contributions and support.,q_auto/v1616696245/lsf_high/LHS-VSU-2/LHS-VSU-2.jpg,q_auto/v1616696251/lsf_high/LHS-VSU-3/LHS-VSU-3.jpg

The donations from the Harvest have been distributed to the following charities.

Project 5000

Project 5000 is based in Loughborough and is run by volunteers. It offers a hot meal and a warm welcome once a week. In addition to the cooked meals, they prepare food parcels each week which are distributed to people in the community.

The Exaireo Trust

The Exaireo Trust provides temporary supported accommodation and a holistic service to single adults that are homeless.

The Beacon Christian Centre

The Beacon Centre offers a range of purpose driven groups and projects for the community in Loughborough. Once a week they run a soup kitchen offering a warm meal and support to those in need in the community.