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We recognise the need to teach girls the study skills they will need to succeed in life. Speed reading, noting, organization and revision skills are things that can be taught, developed and learnt. We have a dedicated study skills page on Firefly – our Virtual Learning Environment – as well as Study Support sessions offered where girls can drop in with skills – rather than subject – questions. Naturally, a lot of study skills development is also provided through lessons.

Pupils can understandably be anxious about public exams. To this end we run the Loughborough High School Revision Pathway, a progressive revision education running from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13. The principles of revision are taught from a girl’s first year in the school, progressing each year with further guidance relevant to each year. We believe that this pathway is crucial to teaching the girls the skills necessary to achieve in exam halls, whilst also reassuring the girls in their approaches.