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Chemistry is the science of matter, especially its chemical reactions, but also material composition, structure and properties. It is known popularly as the science of pretty colours, bright flames and squeaky pops!

Hear from Mani Ghaly

The aim is to share theories which allow these chemical changes to be explained. We highlight the relevance of Chemistry to the modern world through the products we use and develop as well as the effects on the environment. The IGCSE allows pupils to understand some organic and inorganic chemistry and they are constantly learning about the impact of Chemistry in the environment.

Pupils are encouraged to use a range of techniques, including presentation skills, group work and practical experimentation with an emphasis on developing independent learning. The department takes advantage of opportunities as they arise; recent activities have included attending competitions for all ages at various universities, lectures from eminent scientists, flashes and bangs demonstration lectures, spectroscopy and forensic workshops. Sixth form students are encouraged to enter chemistry competitions and the Chemistry Olympiad.