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Year 7 Mother and Sons Event

Year 7 Mother and Sons Event featured image

In response to the nationwide acknowledgement that lockdown is producing a mental health crisis, the pastoral staff at LGS have been focusing on connection with the boys by creating ways for boys to talk. The craft of conversation has never been more important and we are using this time to teach boys as best we can to do this in a fun and positive way.

That is why the Time and Space Evenings with Bill Jennings orchestrating them from His Shed in Melbourne, Australia, have been such a highlight this year. These are annual events which we are maxing out this time to include all age groups.

What can be better than picking a significant adult in your life? Inviting them to an online meeting, fuelled with a cup of tea and a snack or two, meet others from the year group and let Bill lead the conversation in his charismatic charming way.  All you have to do is talk to your guest, bring a personal treasure to share with them  (keep that hidden until the big reveal) and enjoy the camaraderie of being in our community.

This is what you can do on a family level to combat the pressures on mental health at this time:

Y9 – 11 join on Monday 1 Feb

Y12 and 13 on Tuesday 2 Feb