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GCSE Religious Studies comprises a study of Christianity and Islam as lived religions within the UK and throughout the world, and their beliefs and teachings.
Within Christianity we cover issues such as equality, gender, family life, and matters of life and death, while for Islam we look at, among other things, issues of pacifism, holy war, and crime and punishment, including forgiveness and the death penalty.

Religious Studies GCSE challenges our pupils to think deeply about important and timely issues in society, from both religious and secular perspectives. We are very fortunate that all our teachers are subject specialists with many years’ experience between us and dedicated teaching rooms.
Through this course boys develop a very strong understanding of theological and ethical arguments, while being taught how to evaluate and respond to them with reasoned arguments of their own – these are key life skills that will stand any boy in good stead. As one boy remarked, “I think everyone should do this subject!”

The Exam Board is Edexcel Religious Studies B:
Christianity: Religion & Ethics
Islam: Religion, Peace and Conflict

There are two exams of 1h 45mins each, one per faith.

A Level

A-Level Religious Studies comprises a study of theological, ethical, and philosophical developments in religion. We focus on the Christian tradition, looking at issues such as the nature of, and arguments for, God; whether Jesus was a social revolutionary; challenges to religious faith from evil and suffering and New Atheism; religious language; the nature of religious and secular ethics.

A-Level Religious Studies is taught exclusively by specialists in all three papers in dedicated teaching rooms. Pupils are challenged to think deeply about complex issues such as the relationship between language and reality, what makes an action right or wrong, and how literally scripture might be interpreted. Over the two years of A-Level, boys are taught to recognise strong arguments, to use scholarship to bolster their views, and to actively engage with independent reading – all fundamental skills for university and beyond. Past pupils have gone on to read subjects as diverse as Law, PPE, Medicine, History, Drama, and Mathematics.

The Exam Board is Eduqas Religious Studies: Ethics, Philosophy & Theology. There are three exams of 2 hours each.

Religious Studies complements any subject, but boys who study the Sciences, History, Psychology, or Politics might find it a particular fit. Skills and knowledge taught in this subject are of particular interest in Law, Medicine, the Civil Service, Journalism, Media and Advertising.

Subject enrichment includes the Philosophy Society and essay competitions.